Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sew What Do I Wear? blog tour

If you've popped over for the blog tour, welcome! If you're an old sewing friend and you're just checking to see if I'm still alive, thank you!!

I thought this "Sew What Do I Wear - Professional Edition" blog tour would be a great chance to breathe some life into this poor neglected blog of mine. Even better, it was a great excuse to finally make some clothes that have been on my to-do list for too long.

First up was a pair of SOS Knit Pants by Patterns for Pirates. I made size XL in black ponte knit, with a 30" inseam. I did the pockets in the back and the pockets in the front. Even if my husband had been a more willing photographer, neither one of us has the skills to make details of black pants show up well, so you'll have to take my word that they look great. These pants feel like pajamas (glorious!) but are definitely sharp enough to wear to work and have the details that make them look store-bought. (And the pockets that make them useful!)

If you're on the fence about why you would ever want to make yourself a wardrobe staple like basic black work pants instead of buying them, you should know that there is nothing more comfortable than custom-made pants. Store-bought pants fits me close enough, and I always think that's good enough...until I make myself a pair. These are like wearing butter (if that could ever be comfortable).

This is the face I make when I think about wearing store bought pants.

The striped shirt turned out a bit, um, loud? Clownish? Regardless, I'm going to wear it a ton. Because it's comfortable as can be. It's made out of an ITY knit, which means it feels kind of silky. I consider ITY a "dressy" kind of fabric, and I love it for work clothes because it's comfortable in warm weather (I live in the South) even though it's typically a polyester blend. It feels nice in the winter too :)

This is the Relaxed Raglan with Add-Ons from Patterns for Pirates. It was the original raglan pattern and is looser than the slim fit raglan. The ITY is drapey enough to show my waist on days when I am shapely, and the raglan is relaxed enough on days when I am not as pleasantly shaped :) My favorite part is the cowl.

The cuffs and cowl are made out of a rayon blend knit and they are ridiculously soft. Like, I want to snuggle my face in it all day soft. The cowl is the reason I will probably wear this shirt all the time, even if I didn't end up loving the print after all. At least, until I make a few more shirts with cowls and this one can come out of rotation.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out all the other awesome bloggers on the tour!

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  1. I love this combination! The striped blouse is gorgeous!


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