Hello and welcome! My name is Angie and I was a stay-at-home mom to my two children until recently.  My daughter, Danielle, is 3 and the inspiration behind daniKate.  My son, Samuel, is 1 and all boy--he likes to eat dirt and act like a little daredevil.  I love reading sewing & craft blogs and getting inspired, so I decided to start one of my own!

Samuel and Danielle

I've been a crafter for more than 2 decades and have sewn off and on during that time as well (yeah, guess who wasn't the cool girl in middle school?).  After my daughter was born, I needed a way to stay sane while I mothered all day, so I started sewing a bit obsessively during naptimes, wee morning hours, and after the kids were asleep at night.  My husband likes to play video games so our hobbies mesh well, though we still find time to spend together.  I now sew on a Babylock Elizabeth sewing machine, though I still keep my Janome Jem, (which served me faithfully for 7 years) around.  I also use a Janome serger and embroidery machine, which I somehow convinced my husband to buy :)  I crochet and cross-stitch and do a few other crafts as well, but mostly sew and do machine embroidery.

I'm the crazy looking one in the middle :)

I hope you will find something that interests you here.  I believe God has given me a passion for crafting for a reason.  I sew joyfully for my friends and family and am glad to teach others to sew.  I like to share pictures of what I make and try to offer some tips and techniques that you may find helpful.  If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me at daniKateDesigns{at}gmail{dot}com and I will do my best to answer.  I'd also love to hear any comments you might have.


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  1. Angie, I came across your post on Pattern review as I was searching for a tutorial for using a ruffler! So glad I found your post as it has helped me tremendously. I use the same Simplicity 2377 pattern for sewing dresses for little girls in Africa. I am so excited about your tutorial as this will help me produce these dresses faster. I have taught sewing to girls for about 9 years. I live in Anderson, SC. Where are you in SC? I, too, believe God has given me this passion for sewing for a reason. For teaching other little girls to use their talents for HIm, and more recently, sewing dresses for little girls in Africa. Thank you for your tutorial & see how God is using you to help make little girls in Africa smile as they put on their new dresses! I would love to hear from you through email (I'm not much of a blogger) my email address is faithfulone4him@charter.net. Bless you.


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