Saturday, October 20, 2012

Warning: May be Too Cute for some Viewers

If you read this blog, you may have noticed that I sew/embroider a lot for my sister (both for her to give as gifts, and for her twin daughters).  It is so totally worth it, when I get pictures like this to share:

Twins run amok in my family and in my Brother-In-Law's family, and these two girls have to be one of the cutest sets on either side!  They are my BIL's cousin's babies and I stitched the bibs as part of a gift set.  I was completely surprised to find out they were used in pictures.  It made my day and then some.  Shawna, if you're reading this, I will sew anything you want :)

The twins who are closest to my heart are my nieces, though, who look darling in the dresses I sent them:

Cupcake dresses blogged here

They're getting so big, I hope they will still let me sew for them for a while.  My own kids won't get a choice, haha.

And mom, I know you read my blog faithfully.  You and Uncle Johnny are tied with the girls for my favorite set(s) of twins, so don't feel bad.  Love you!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boo-tiful Nieces

I've made a few Halloween shirts this year and still have hopes of getting one done for Samuel.  This is the pair I made for my nieces.  My sister was sweet enough to share a picture of the girls wearing them to the pumpkin patch.

The shirts say it all :)

I used the "Bootiful" design from Planet Applique.  It stitched out nicely, as her designs always do, and I really like the fabric and color combinations.  My taste has been evolving and hopefully improving!


I embroidered on 5T shirts for the girls, who are 4, in the hopes that they can wear them next year as well.  

I used an old t-shirt (knit fabric) for the eyes

Funny story--I had a picture of these shirts in my head and got very excited to make them, only to discover that I didn't own this design!  Argg! I've got a ton of PA designs and can't believe I didn't have this one.  Obviously I do now :) 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trio of Three-Tiered Dresses

I recently finished up a trio of dresses to give to friends.  First up was a pair of dresses for 3-year-old Lucy and 2-year-old Molly.

I graded the size 3 pattern down to make the size 2, since
the pattern starts at size 3

I got a little carried away making fabric flowers.  They were quick, easy and fun to make.  I used a method similar to this one.  Basically, you cut flower shapes out of fabric, fold them in half, then thirds, and glue them down to a felt circle.  Stagger 2 layers, then strategically glue some petals together so they fluff up, and roll up a flower piece or two to glue down in the middle.  Attach an alligator clip on the back,  cover it with some felt for security, and you're done!

I also made a tiered peasant dress for Nora, who is 5.  I used Simplicity 2377 to make the dresses, changing the construction a little bit to use a ruffler foot.  You can find loads of details about that in my ruffler foot tutorials.

I made size 6 so there was room to grow

I made some flower clips for Nora, including a gi-normous purple one which was my first try and the size of a small plate.  I sent that along in case her mommy wanted to match.

The large flower weighs quite a bit too.  I didn't realize
how much weight all the hot glue would add!

I have now made this dress 7 times and not one was for Danielle!  It makes me feel like a bad mommy, but she will get one.  In fact, I think I'm going to make a modified version for a princess dress Halloween costume.  (Just a generic princess, not a specific Disney one).  We were going to be the Flintstone Family this year, but my husband will only be able to catch the tail end of trick or treating, so I'm not going to make a group costume for the family until we can all be together.
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