Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Twins!

The thing about gifts for twins is that you have to make TWO of them. I'm running low on burp cloths and haven't found any I like as much of the ones I've been using, so I talked my sister into doing only one burp cloth per baby. 

"Andrea" font from 8Claws

Her husband's cousin had twin girls, and decorated the nursery with elephants.  There are sooo many cute elephant designs, so I decided to applique a pair of bibs to continue with the elephant theme.

Applique Elephant from LynniePinnie

I have to say, I still love embroidering on bibs.  (You can see some of the reasons at the bottom of this post).

It's good to be blogging again.  I have more projects to share (I've been sewing lots of little girl dresses) and have some new models to help with the pictures.  Here's Danielle hanging out with one of them:

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