Friday, June 26, 2015

Every blog needs some Jalie!

I got some patterns in the mail today and my first thought was that I should post them on my blog. I thought that was pretty funny because I've only posted once this year (and, as a followup, I should add I did NOT end up sewing any items for the wardrobe contest--accountability, schmaccountability)

Here are my awesome new patterns:

I used to think Jalie patterns were expensive (they certainly aren't as cheap as the $1-$2 you can pay during paper pattern sales) but they're actually priced less expensively than a number of independent lines, and the quality and size range is pretty amazing. I've yet to sew a Jalie pattern up, but I have a swimsuit cut out for myself (Jalie 3134) that I hope to work on this weekend, and I've read many an awesome review on Pattern Review.

Jalie is known for their knit/activewear patterns and they just released this super cute leotard pattern that I want to get if my girl starts gymnastics in the fall. How cool are those stripes that extend down the arms?

photo from Jalie's website

In the meantime I plan to sew up the two patterns on the left in my picture above. I started working out a couple months ago because I figure I ought to get started on losing my baby weight now that my "baby" is 48 months old (the months is supposed to sound better than years...ha!) I've been doing a Jillian Michaels workout video twice a week before work and running a couple miles outside on Saturday and Sunday. I've always worn baggy t-shirts and shorts for working out, but it's too hot to wear anything but a tank top and I think it would actually be more comfortable to run in something fitted. Plus Jillian has been kicking my booty and I need some clothes that won't shift around while I'm busy dying doing my workout.

photos from Jalie's website

The Cora is a pattern for pants or shorts and has some cool color blocking options. The Anne-Marie can be a top or dress. I don't play tennis, so I'm interested in the fitted version of the tank (not shown above). The coolest thing is that the top has a pocket in the back--I run with my iPhone and I'm hoping that will be a great place to tuck it. The shorts/pants also have an optional pocket in the back.

Between work and family, I've been keeping pretty busy, but I'm hoping that I'll stick with blogging again. I hope I see you again soon!
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