Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Goals

I missed you online sewing world!  I haven't been blogging lately because I haven't been sewing.  And I don't have any pictures yet of the last Christmas items I wanted to post about.  Where did my mojo go?  I think it got lost while I was doing my new year cleaning (much like spring cleaning, but without the beautiful weather) :(

My sewing room is just about straightened up from the craziness that was holiday sewing, and I'm even getting the fabric stored upstairs in our spare room better organized as well.  And I've rotated the spring/summer fabrics downstairs and put flannel/corduroy to rest.  Because--let's be honest--I'm not going to get any more winter sewing done before our spring hits in a month or two!

So I'm at least 2 weeks behind the rest of the blogging community in doing a new year post, but that's okay.  I really want to be more focused in my sewing efforts, so I am setting some goals for this year.  So here they are:

1.  Use my stash, and ONLY my stash.  The one exception to this is that I really want to get some sock monkey print for applique.

See--it's looks like a *real* sock monkey!

There are a bunch of cute sock monkey appliques, like these by Designs By Juju.  I know I could use a different print to make them, but I really want to use this fabric!

2.  Sew for myself more.  This has not been a priority, since I have spent a lot of time in the past few years looking like this:

I want to sew all kinds of things (button-up shirts, knit tops, dresses, skirts), but have my lone Jalie pattern on my "must-do" list.

Doesn't it look comfy?

I bought the scarf collar top and really want to try it out before purchasing more Jalie patterns.  Not because I doubt that it will be good, but because I need to sew more than I spend.

 3.  Sew some independent patterns.  I don't hate the big 4, but I have seen some really cute designs in the blogosphere and I want to try some of them.  My friend Nicky made a super cute coat for her daughter using "The Abbey Jacket" pattern on Etsy, and I have been in love with some designs from LilyBirdStudios for a while.

Danielle would look darling in some little cuffed shorts

Coles Corner & Creations always has the cutest clothes from a bunch of different designers.  One of my new favorites is the reversible hooded vest she made recently.  I have some fleece taking up too much space in my closet, so these are on my to-do list for the fall for both kids.  I had a hooded vest for Danielle when she was about a year old and LOVED it for the weather here in the south.  It's just right for layering.

Oh, and I also have almost 2 years worth of Ottobre magazines now, and have only sewn one item.  To be fair, I was waiting for Danielle to fit in the middle size range since I didn't want to sew the baby clothes.  But, she's been in that range since last summer, I better get to it!

The little gingham dress would be great for summer
with a different top underneath

4.  Finish up my UFOs (UnFinished Objects).  I had my projects organized in baskets, stored in a hanging sweater organizer in my sewing room.  Well, it only holds 6 baskets, and I don't even know how many projects I have cut out or in the works, but it's much more than 6!  I'm going to tackle this goal first and get back to where my projects are queued up in baskets.  It will help me stay focused and keep my sewing room neater.  In addition to my UFOs, I have some projects that I need to get done ASAP for various reasons (leftovers from holiday sewings, kids have a need for it now, etc...) 

The goal: 6 of these project
baskets, and no more!

A brief version of my finish-it-up list (so I can track and be accountable for it):
  • PJ pants for MIL: Done, but I didn't take a picture
  • 2 pairs PJ pants for myself: These are being pushed to my fall 2012 sewing since I got so behind I don't need them for a while
  • PJ shirts for twins
  • Shopping cart cover for Samuel
  • Apron for me
  • Treasure shirt for my mom: Also pushed to fall since it's a long-sleeved tee
  • Ballet barrettes for Danielle

If I get all those things accomplished, I will feel a big weight lifted and will get some yardage out of my room (pajama pant fabric takes up a decent amount of space!)

So there you have it, my goals for the new year!  Sew from my stash, sew for myself, sew some indie patterns and get my projects to a manageable level.  Wish me luck! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fishing Towels

My kids have been sick, and I will probably be next, if my nose starting to run is any indication, ugh.  I love being a mommy, but I hate when my kids are sick; I am not a good nurse.  My husband is, but he has been under the weather too :(  We took it easy this weekend, so hopefully everyone will be recovered soon.

I wanted to pop in now that everyone's in bed and share these hooded towels I made for my mom.  She's a very proud grandma and lives on a lake, so I thought these would be great for her to have at the house for when her grandkids visit.

Fun Fact: My mom caught a lake record bass--she's rad like that

These are made the same as the towels I shared in one of my first posts, using the hooded towel tutorial at Cole's Corner and Creations.

Gone Fishin' design from Embroidery Boutique

I made two towels, which won't be enough for all the kids, but we don't plan on dumping them all on my parents at once...yet. :)

Fish Stringer design from Embroidery Boutique
Phrase added using Whoa Nelly font from 8Claws

I have one more post and I will have wrapped up all the Christmas sewing.  I think.  December was kind of a blur for me, how about you?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Zip Bags

I made zippered bags as Christmas gifts for my stepmom, my mother-in-law and my sister.  I had a lot of fun making them.  I monogrammed them as I mentioned in this post, and made the sizes for both the 4x4 and 5x7 hoops.

Turtle prints from Robert Kaufman's "Urban Zoologie" line

The set I made for my MIL uses the same print as her phone case and doggy-do bag holder.

Font used for both sets is "Harrington" from 8 Claws

I didn't get a picture of my sister's set, which was made with a cute owl print.  That's what I get for working up until Christmas day...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Doggy-Do Bags

I bought this design last year from Embroidery Garden and never got a chance to make it, so I really wanted to get some stitched this year for presents.  Both my mom and my mother-in-law are very attached to their dogs, so I made them each one.
*Sidenote: Have you noticed that women tend to get dogs that replace their children once their nest is empty? 

Here's the case when it's empty

The design calls for some extra notions--ribbon, a keyring and a cord stop, the latter of which cost too much, IMO.  Although I bought them half off during a sale at my local fabric store, so they weren't that bad.  Still.  I have ribbon on hand, keyrings are cheap and the design can be made with scraps of fabric, so it'd be practically free to make one of these if it weren't for the cord stop, grumble, grumble.  I got the doggy-do bags in a pack of three at the dollar store--score!--but I can't seem to find them anymore. :(

And filled with a roll of doggy-do bags

The polka dot/bone print combination was the one I made for my mom.   I made one in hot pink and black that coordinates with the other accessories I made for my MIL.

It was a fun project, and I think I might make one for myself.  We don't have a dog, so I'll replace the words with something baby-esque, to hold diaper-do bags.

Monogrammed Cell Phone Case

Last year I made my MIL a purse in black and hot pink, along with a purse roll and in-the-hoop card holder to go in it.

The black & white item is a purse roll

I had some of the same fabric left from the little card holder, so this year I made her a phone case to coordinate with her other purse accessories.

This design is from digiStitches and fits iphones and other phones of similar size/shape.  It's got stippled quilting on the front and allows for the use of a contrast fabric for the monogram frame and lining.

The case on the left is the back of the one I made for my
MIL, when closed, and the one on the right is one I made
for my sister & shows the stippling a little better

I thought about making my brother-in-law one of these, but I would have to make some changes because I think this design is a little feminine.  If I used my embroidery software to remove the stipple stitching and used a different font and monogram frame, I think it would be more appropriate.  Maybe next the meantime, I need to make one of these for myself!
*Note: You may want to check the fit of the phone before adding the snap.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Samuel's Afghan

I started an afghan for Samuel when I was pregnant with him and didn't finish it before he was born because I wanted to add some length to it.  I decided to complete it in time to make it a Christmas present.

It's too small for a floor blanket for him--unless he sits in
one spot--but will be just right for sleeping as a toddler

When I was pregnant with Danielle, I cross-stitched her an afghan (to be used as a wall hanging), which was lucky, because I received several crocheted & knitted afghans as gifts.  I wanted to do something that took a comparable amount of time since the idea is to pour love into the project and bond with the baby while I am working on it.  This granny-square pattern definitely took some time!

The joins are done with crochet, thank goodness! I don't
like sewing squares together.  Plus, it makes it more durable

I love how it turned out, though I think it could still use a little more length.  Samuel likes it though :)

"Much better than that girly-striped
boppy behind me, Mommy"

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