Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fishing Towels

My kids have been sick, and I will probably be next, if my nose starting to run is any indication, ugh.  I love being a mommy, but I hate when my kids are sick; I am not a good nurse.  My husband is, but he has been under the weather too :(  We took it easy this weekend, so hopefully everyone will be recovered soon.

I wanted to pop in now that everyone's in bed and share these hooded towels I made for my mom.  She's a very proud grandma and lives on a lake, so I thought these would be great for her to have at the house for when her grandkids visit.

Fun Fact: My mom caught a lake record bass--she's rad like that

These are made the same as the towels I shared in one of my first posts, using the hooded towel tutorial at Cole's Corner and Creations.

Gone Fishin' design from Embroidery Boutique

I made two towels, which won't be enough for all the kids, but we don't plan on dumping them all on my parents at once...yet. :)

Fish Stringer design from Embroidery Boutique
Phrase added using Whoa Nelly font from 8Claws

I have one more post and I will have wrapped up all the Christmas sewing.  I think.  December was kind of a blur for me, how about you?

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