Monday, January 2, 2012

Doggy-Do Bags

I bought this design last year from Embroidery Garden and never got a chance to make it, so I really wanted to get some stitched this year for presents.  Both my mom and my mother-in-law are very attached to their dogs, so I made them each one.
*Sidenote: Have you noticed that women tend to get dogs that replace their children once their nest is empty? 

Here's the case when it's empty

The design calls for some extra notions--ribbon, a keyring and a cord stop, the latter of which cost too much, IMO.  Although I bought them half off during a sale at my local fabric store, so they weren't that bad.  Still.  I have ribbon on hand, keyrings are cheap and the design can be made with scraps of fabric, so it'd be practically free to make one of these if it weren't for the cord stop, grumble, grumble.  I got the doggy-do bags in a pack of three at the dollar store--score!--but I can't seem to find them anymore. :(

And filled with a roll of doggy-do bags

The polka dot/bone print combination was the one I made for my mom.   I made one in hot pink and black that coordinates with the other accessories I made for my MIL.

It was a fun project, and I think I might make one for myself.  We don't have a dog, so I'll replace the words with something baby-esque, to hold diaper-do bags.

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