Monday, May 21, 2012

Shopping Cart Cover

Well, it's a bit late, but I managed to finish Samuel's shopping cart cover before he turned one, whoo hoo!  In my defense, I try not to carry him around while shopping (which would include from the car to a shopping cart), as he is heavier than his 3 year old sister.  Okay, not quite, but he feels like it.  He was 18 pounds at 3 months, so I am not just being a sissy :)  Up until now I have just pushed him in a stroller while pulling a cart (if I need one). 

I used McCall's 5721

Anyhow, it seems like I always get stalled on patterns when I get to a part I don't enjoy doing. In this case, it was dealing with lining up the 3 layers (main fabric, contrast and lining).  If I ever make another one of these, I will cut all 3 layers out at the same time. Because trying to get them matched up was a giant pain.

That's my size 8.5 foot for comparison--this
thing is a beast (before the elastic is in place)

The main pattern piece is big and the layers are prone to slipping--even basting spray didn't help enough.  I'd get one side lined up and then the holes would be off.  Then there's the whole slipping-while-it's-sewn bit, which made wrinkles and puckers in my layers (that lots of pin basting and a walking foot didn't prevent) and then the alignment got all out of whack again.  Ugh.  It was smooth sailing after I got the darned thing basted together properly.  And after I accepted that this project wasn't going to be as nicely sewn as I would like.

The beast fits nicely over standard cart sizes--
I haven't tried it on any but this one yet.

This pattern has some really nice features and is WAY better than the one I made Danielle.

Aww, look at little she was. 
The biggest thing I didn't like about this cart cover
is that it didn't have enough fabric to stay on properly.

This cover looks more like the big floppy ones I've seen other people have.  It's got a pocket in the front and on the side, with loops on either side of the pockets to hang toys off of. 

The loop is made from the bias trim on the pockets--
it's just extended and then sewn underneath. 
I think it's clever.

I also like that it's big and easy to put on the basket.  Nothing like struggling with a kid AND a cart cover to sour a shopping trip.  It only uses half-inch elastic, but it is sturdier than I thought it would be.  No worries about it coming off the cart so far.  And it has a bag attached at the back to store it in (or use as another pocket while I'm shopping).

The brown piggy fabric poking out at the back
is a lined, bias-trimmed bag to store the cover in

My favorite part of this project has got to be the fabric I used.  That's a whole story in itself, so I think I will share it tomorrow.


  1. Super cute! I'm like that with projects, too. It feels so good when you cross them off your list!

  2. What pattern did you use for this?


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