Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

I don't mean to jump the gun, but my husband gave me the go ahead today to order a new machine, and I'm super excited about it!  It's not really a Mother's Day gift, but the timing makes it seem like it :)  I had been saving for/planning on a coverstitch machine, but have decided to go with a sewing machine upgrade instead.  As much as I sew, it will be nice to have a few extra features, and more than 12 stitches :)

My current machine--a Janome Jem Gold
(that's a quarter in the middle, to show the scale :) )

I love my little Janome Jem, but there are some limitations and it was designed to be a travel machine (you know, for taking to quilting classes and such).  I have sewn denim, knits, 1/2" foam (which was a bit tough) and all kinds of other fabrics on my Jem and she sews them beautifully, so I plan on keeping her as a backup machine and to teach some friends to sew.

I plan to purchase a Baby Lock Elizabeth--I'm sure she will get along fine with my Janomes.  I don't care for the Janome dealer in town and ended up driving to a different dealer an hour away to get my embroidery machine.  So I'm going to give Baby Lock a try--I thought it was important to have local dealership support, even if I will have a backup machine.

The Baby Lock Elizabeth (picture from their website)

The Elizabeth is a computerized machine with lots of features that will be new to me.  I'm most excited about having an auto thread cutter and a knee lift, though I'm sure there will be plenty to get giddy over once I bring her home :)  It won't be until later this week, as I need to order it from the dealer, and they are closed on Mondays.  I'll get a class on her once she comes in, and I think I'll need it--they demo'd another Baby Lock for me and I got so overwhelmed with how different it was.

Have any of you made the conversion from mechanical to computerized? How did it go?  Do you have any advice or words of wisdom?

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