Monday, March 19, 2012

My New Apron

Here's the first of several projects I finally finished.

I made it using this little apron "kit" my mom bought for me for super cheap a few years ago.  Her intention was for me to put it on my dressform--so it wouldn't be naked--but I loaned the form to a friend when I was pregnant.  Hmm, guess I should see about getting it back, since my "baby" is almost walking.

This is "The Sophie"

It has pretty decent coverage and is a comfortable fit, so I actually plan on using it as an apron.  The ties are nice and long at the waist, so it's easy to put on.

All the pieces were printed on one panel.

Even the directions are printed on the fabric

It was a pretty quick project, and it feels good to finally complete it. 

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