Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mom's Birthday Gifts

My family is much better than me at giving me birthday gifts, so I really want to make an effort this year to send more presents. First up for the calendar year is my mom.

Look, it's like it's already gift wrapped :)

I've seen a couple of reviews for crochet hook holders on Pattern Review and thought they were cute.  I happened to have picked up a sewing accessories pattern for $1, so decided to make my mom a case for her crochet hooks and and a case for her knitting needles.

The top folds down to cover the
hooks/needles/chopsticks, then the case
is rolled up and tied with ribbon(s)

I made both of them using fabrics left over from when I was selling burp cloths.  The bird print is pieced together, since I had already cut strips for the burps out of it, and the stripe is the coordinating print.  Both are from Riley Blake's "Happiness" line.

More about these awesome crochet hooks in a moment

I'm sure this would be easy to do without a pattern, but it was nice not to have to figure any measurements out.  The "models" in the picture above are some crochet hooks my dad made me.  Yes, he made them.  My dad is the coolest.  He hand-turned them on a lathe and even used some of my mom's hooks to make different head sizes (I have an "F", "G" and "H" hook). 

They are nice and smooth and rather light

I should mention that my mom is equally awesome.  Case in point:  I have tried knitting several times and just haven't gotten into it yet.  I tried again last year, when I took the kids to visit.  I was going to make a scarf, I think.  But I got bored and my tension was radically inconsistent so I stopped after three rows, tied it into a loop, dubbed it a bracelet and gave it to my mom.  I kid you not, my mom hung it on her purse strap. Because I gave it to her. She is that kind of mom, and I am so grateful for her.  This is a little after the fact, but Happy Birthday (again) Mom, I love you!!

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  1. I love that your mom did that! Just goes to prove, you never really do stop being a *proud* Mommy, do you?! :)


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