Monday, April 2, 2012


I promise to get back to "real" sewing (like clothes and other exciting projects) soon, but I wanted to share two cross-stitch projects I finished up the other night.

This little 4-seasons picture will be hung in our foyer

It took all of about an hour to finish these up.  That's how bad I am about not completing projects.  I will get them almost completely done, and then move on.  I do not know why, and I have made great strides this past year or two in actually finishing things.  That being said, I have another 3 or 4 cross-stitch projects almost done that you may see soon :)

These are the perfect colors for my kitchen!

I got frames on sale for 50% off, plus another 15% off, so I will soon be able to hang up pictures in my sewing room, kitchen, family room and foyer.  I just need to wrap up some of the stitching and then do all the pressing, mounting, framing (I hate that part!). 

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