Thursday, August 16, 2012

Go Ravens!

Danielle loves football!

It was "Team Attire" day at Danielle's preschool on Monday and I realized the Friday before that she didn't have anything to wear.  I ordered some Ravens gear online for the family that evening, but of course it wasn't going to get here in time.  What to do?
Side View

The answer to that rhetorical question was to sew her something.  I used the Maggie Mae tunic from Shwin & Schwin to make this dress.  The instructions were not ideal, but the end result was cute.  I realized after the dress was done that it was similar to the Ice Cream Dress by Oliver + S (seen in the picture below on the left)

The yoke for this dress is a bit longer in the front and doesn't have the slit in the neckline like the Oliver + S pattern.  And there are actually two pieces that make up the contrast (print) section, so there is a waistline on the Ravens dress, with pleats to take in the skirt fullness, instead of gathers.

We went with ribbons in her hair because I didn't think to make her any hair clippies until 11 o'clock on Sunday evening.  I'm pretty sure my husband would have killed me if I decided to start a new project then.  Maybe I'll have time to knock out some of these cute football barrettes for her before the game tomorrow evening...


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