Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Princesses

My nieces are turning four soon and I wanted to make them shirts for their birthday.  Their mama has planned a fun princess party, where the kids get to play dress up (she's even having capes for the boys to take home as party favors, how fun!).  She wanted something that said "Birthday Princess" and I just so happened to find a very appropriate design at StitchOnTime.

4th Birthday Princess design from StitchOnTime

I like the extras in this design that make it seem complete--there are multiple appliques and cute looking cut-out details in the crown and sparkles and stars scattered about.  I have to say the font stitched out beautifully--it was very well digitized with minimal jumps (I probably could have gotten away with not trimming most of them) and just so nice.

I did split the "th" and the other words in Embird so
that I could make them separate colors

The only other design I've stitched from this site is the reindeer I put on a scarf for my mom, but I think I will be frequenting the site more, even if the currency difference tricks me into thinking it won't cost so much (curse you pounds, in all contexts!)

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