Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reindeer Scarf

This Christmas, I will be making most of the gifts I give, which is something I started last year.  My family is fortunate to have what we need, and enough of what we want, so handmade gifts fit the spirit of the holiday (and my budget) better.

I have really gotten into machine embroidery this past year (though I've had my machine for a bit longer than that), and plan to use it more than my sewing machine for gifts this year.  I love to sew, but am just plain running out of time.

First up is this early present for my mom.  She saw this reindeer and wanted me to embroider it on something.  Since she picked out what she wanted and I will be sending it to her as soon as I can get to the post office, I'm not ruining any surprises here.

Isn't this fella cute?

This is my first no-sew scarf.  My MIL gave me one a few years ago and that was when I discovered that fleece is magical!  It's warm and cozy and I don't get overheated without warning.  I ♥ fleece!

Reindeer from Stitch on Time

My mom and I just happen to have the very same cream jacket hoodie, so I asked my reluctant happy-to-help husband to take a picture of the scarf being worn.  I am in love with it and wish I had a bigger piece of leftover fleece to make myself one.

*sigh* I want to keep it for myself...

Danielle must be feeling a bit jealous lately, as she enthusiastically yells "My turn!" every time we do something that looks even remotely fun (apparently, Samuel eating smashed green beans qualifies).  So she wanted to get in on some reindeer scarf action also.

She didn't quite understand that we
were supposed to see the reindeer :)


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