Friday, November 11, 2011

Ribbon Turkey Shirt

I picked up some brown tees at Target back in September, wanting to make Thanksgiving Day shirts for all the girls.  My sister found this ribbon turkey design that she liked.  It's funny, because shortly after that I started seeing ribbon turkeys everywhere! (I told you my sister was trendy :)  I didn't care for that particular turkey, so I decided to buy this turkey design from Applique Market instead.

I wanted to make the shirts right away but had some other projects to finish up first.  In the meantime, Janay paraded out a whole rafter of turkeys for me to be envious of.  And Sheila at Savvy Stitches has been knocking them out too.  But, I finally got Danielle's shirt done and I am happy.

I thought the message was appropriate for
Veteran's Day, even if the turkey isn't

I had to modify the design a bit to make room for the ribbons.  So I used my Embird demo (I'm really loving it!) to remove the outer layer of feathers.  Then I added "Give Thanks" using the font Puppy Love from 8 Claws. I liked that the letters were all a consistent height and got the idea when Janay blogged about using the Butterball font in this post.

I used fleece under the fabric to smooth out the
lumps made by the ribbon ends

I've mentioned that my sister and I have different tastes.  She thought the result was cute, but wants a girlier turkey.  That works for me, because I really want to stitch out this cute girlie turkey that Lynnie Pinnie came out with recently.  Two more turkey shirts, coming up!

I can't believe I almost forgot--here are some barrettes I made to go with the shirt.

Turkey barrettes from GG Designs

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