Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Winter PJs

The weather got cold in October and I was unprepared for it since it's normally in the 70s until November.  Danielle got a few store-bought pairs to tide her over, and I got started making her some flannel pjs.  Of course, by the time I finished them up today it was back in the 70s.  Grrr.  That's what I get for getting sidetracked with other projects. 

She likes them!

Anyhow, I used the ultra-versatile peasant top (drafted from the indietutes tutorial) and lengthened the sleeves to make the pajama top.  I angled the inside edge some to make them more sleeve shaped.

The yellow line is the original short sleeve,
the red line shows the changes to make a long sleeve

The pants were made using McCalls 6224 in a size 1 width and size 2 length (for my 2 1/2 year old who last measured at above average height).  I wanted to use a pajama pattern so that the pants would have some extra ease and comfort, but these were waaaay off on the size.  The pattern is unisex, which might account for some of the sizing problems.  I sewed a deep hem and had to do a double row of stitching to hold the excess fabric up (they were about 3 inches too long).   There is also too much ease in the hips, even though I used a size 1.  I will using a different pattern in the future to make her more pants.

I only had enough of the heart fabric
to make the top, but I think these pjs turned
out cute with the solid-color pants

A lady who lives near my mom was giving away fabric because her grandchildren are now teens, so my mom brought it to me on her last visit.  (Thanks, Mom, for looking out for me!)  The cute heart fabric is part of that bunch.  I used some yucky pink flannel from WalMart for the pants.  I bought it a few years ago to make myself a robe, and decided not to spend the time working with the flannel after I saw how bad it looked after one wash.  It is good enough for pjs that will only be worn a season or two though.

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