Thursday, November 10, 2011

Owl Hats

I promise to get back to my regularly scheduled sewing soon.  But I wanted to show some more hats.

I made these for my nieces because my sister is crazy about owls.  I already made them owl shirts, so I think I'm done with owl gifts for the girls.

Danielle loved the braids

That's my daughter wearing the pink one. Don't worry, I made her a hat too.  It's out of purple variegated yarn, I just need to sew the eyes and beak on it. Hers is a beanie (no earflaps) and I don't think the braids will look right.  But I'll probably make her hats all winter, so she will get some braids :)

I call this picture "Owl in Flight"

These made up pretty quickly.  The longest part was sewing the eyes on evenly :)  I used this pattern from etsy and modified it slightly.  I made two less rows than the pattern said to, and I skipped a row of white on the eyes because I thought it made them too buggy.  There were no instructions on how to do the braids, even though they were shown in the photo.

Smiling owl

I am having a lot of fun with these crocheted hats.  They're not instant gratification, but pretty close.  I'm going to try to get some fabric cut out this week so I can get back to my regular sewing machine, though.

My want-to-do list:
  • I have a shirtdress from this Oliver + S pattern (the alternate view) that I want to make for Danielle for the winter
  • I have a bunch of PJ pants to make for our family and for gifts 
  • I have a bunch of Christmas gifts to make, mostly with my embroidery machine.  I will have to be careful which ones I blog about :) 
  • I want to make at least two tops for myself.  I desperately need some clothes and have been refusing to buy them because I have too much so much fabric.
  • I have 3 outfits planned for Samuel that consist of long-sleeved appliqued onesies and coordinating pants
I better get off the computer and back to work!


  1. Those owl hats are just too-hoo-hoo cute! What thoughtful and clever gifts for your nieces. Your sweet and stylin' daughter looks like she's having just too-hoo-hoo much fun!

  2. Thank you both! HeathersSphere-you crack me up!


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