Sunday, September 30, 2012

Varsity Cowl

The weather here is flip-flopping a bit--some mornings it feels like fall, other days it's still definitely summer in the South.  I'm going to decide it's fall, at least for today's blog post :)

I got the chance to test this Varsity Cowl Neck Pullover a while ago (maybe two months?) for Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop.  It's made from knit and is a quick sew.

Samuel, in a rare modeling

The neckline is what makes the pattern different--it crosses in the front and is sort of drapey/cowl-like.  I just realized it's kind of like a scarf in how it wraps and covers the neck.  I think it's a great feature for keeping little necks warm.

I made these using lightweight knits.  We don't get a very long fall or winter, so I thought the kids would get more use out of something less heavy.

The neckline and wrist/waist bands are from old tees my mom gave me to upcycle.  The main fabric was from actual knit yardage, since I couldn't squeeze a long-sleeved shirt out of a women's tee (which stinks because I had my heart set on making Samuel's out of one with autumn-colored stripes!)

I realized I have all girlie knits in my stash, so poor Samuel had to make due with the blue I chose.  I used the tan in order to make it more boyish, but apparently I made it look like a Star Trek uniform.   At least neither of the kids is doomed by wearing a red shirt... (hopefully there are some geeks out there that get that).

She is such a good big sister!

You may have noticed Samuel doesn't show up as often on my blog.  I do make things for him, but not as much, because he was growing so rapidly for a while.  Plus, he is so difficult to take pictures of!  He is at that never-sit-still stage, and Danielle is at a eager-to-please-Mommy-because-it-means-chocolate-chips-and-shorter-photo-shoots stage :)  I'll be embroidering some shirts for him, and I have a pair of pants I tested for the kids, so he'll be making appearance a little more frequently, I hope.


  1. Definitely not a red shirt, YIKES! :)
    I saw a man wearing this once, and I told him, "My husband would love that!" His wife immediately said, "I hate this shirt, he is not expendable!"

    Cute kids and cute shirts! I'm so impressed by you girls who can whip out actual clothing items! I've never sewn with knit!

  2. this is my favorite peekaboo pattern. It looks great!


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