Saturday, October 20, 2012

Warning: May be Too Cute for some Viewers

If you read this blog, you may have noticed that I sew/embroider a lot for my sister (both for her to give as gifts, and for her twin daughters).  It is so totally worth it, when I get pictures like this to share:

Twins run amok in my family and in my Brother-In-Law's family, and these two girls have to be one of the cutest sets on either side!  They are my BIL's cousin's babies and I stitched the bibs as part of a gift set.  I was completely surprised to find out they were used in pictures.  It made my day and then some.  Shawna, if you're reading this, I will sew anything you want :)

The twins who are closest to my heart are my nieces, though, who look darling in the dresses I sent them:

Cupcake dresses blogged here

They're getting so big, I hope they will still let me sew for them for a while.  My own kids won't get a choice, haha.

And mom, I know you read my blog faithfully.  You and Uncle Johnny are tied with the girls for my favorite set(s) of twins, so don't feel bad.  Love you!


  1. aaaaahhh they are so cute! I love the bibs and the cupcake dresses. Do you like to sew sets of things?

    I sometimes grumble when I have to make two of something for my kiddos.

  2. Gah! They are too adorable for words :D Love the bibs and cupcake dresses!


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