Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cowboy Meets Princess

Halloween was a simple affair at our house--I made Danielle a princess dress out of a satin remnant and thrifted tablecloth (plus some pink sparkly tulle) and Samuel wore clothes from his dresser, with a cowboy hat added to make it a costume.  Definitely not the type of costume effort I normally do, but it was what worked for our family this year.
Samuel does NOT stand still, as you can see

I was going to crochet Samuel a hat, and maybe some boots, using this pattern from Etsy, but decided it was too much to attempt 3 days before Halloween and went with the store-bought hat.  I did make Danielle's wand, though, in all it's tacky goodness.

I may not get around to making bows, but at least
my ribbon stash is getting some use!

I used the instructions from Tangled Happy to crochet the stars and make the wand. I gave away quite a bit of my yarn stash so I didn't have the right pink to crochet the stars, so I ended up just embellishing white stars with pink.  Oh, and sewed on about 100 silver beads, just to make it look magical.  My daughter was thrilled with it, and she used her magic wand to turn everyone giving her candy into princesses :) We had quite the night, hope you did too!

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