Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tangled Up in Princesses

Okay, this is the last princess, for now. This ended up being Danielle's Halloween costume that I never got decent pictures of before.

I LOVE this picture!!

This is a pattern that I willingly *gasp* paid for! Me and Mimi took Danielle to see "Disney on Ice" back in October, and I decided about 2 days prior to the show that I should make her a dress to wear. I decided on Rapunzel from Made for Mermaids. Then somehow I waited until the day of to start. Here's what it looked like just a few hours before the show:

I got the dress done in time--not because I'm super mom but because I have a super husband who corralled the kids and gave me a chance to sew without (many) interruptions. I'm so glad he helped, because it turned out great and the show was magical! Now I know why people spend oodles of money to go on Disney World vacations.

Me and my best girl :)

The pattern is a peasant style dress, with a bodice inset with "lace-up" ribbons, center front skirt panel, and ribbons on the sleeves. I added the 3/4 length sleeves using a pattern piece from this dress I made. I don't normally embellish much, but I blinged this baby up with some iridescent lace on the neckline, hemline and at the bottom of the sleeves.  I also added a purple trim around the skirt panel. Those extras took a lot of time, but were so worth it for my girl (especially since we ended up using it for Halloween too)!

We put a few flowers in her hair and accessorized with a stuffed Pascale from the ice show. Thank goodness that was what she picked out--it was definitely the best value at the gift stands! I have a long blonde wig from one of my old Halloween costumes, but it was a little too big for her. Besides, that would have been way too fussy. I'm loving these Everyday Princesses!

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  1. :D beautiful! I love the Pascale. He is my favorite in the movie. Good idea to nix the wig. K was Ariel one year and the wig bugged her. Your DD looks great as rapunzel without the wig :)


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