Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 months and Kindergarten!

Wow, I cannot believe it's been over 3 months since I posted! It's not for lack of content--I have been sewing every week. It's just gotten busy busy around here. One reason is that my girl started Kindergarten!

I was flip-flopping on whether I should make her an outfit and finally decided the night before that I wanted to. I guess I work better with short deadlines.

My big girl on her first day of Kindergarten!

I embroidered a white tee shirt for her and made a skirt to coordinate. The skirt was part of the Addison dress pattern by ModKid. It was the first time I've used one of her patterns and I am in love. The pattern was so nice and and I love the design/presentation of the pattern.  I purchased a few ModKid patterns (I've long admired the Kyoko) and am looking forward to making one up in it's entirety.

The embroidery design is from Hang to Dry Applique. I bought it a couple years ago with the thought that I would use it when Danielle started school. I used some glitter fabric from Hobby Lobby (I found it by the felt) and I can NOT get enough of the sparkle!

Look how shiny it is!!

I struggled to figure out what to pair with the pink and green because I'm not that bold with color and I hadn't realized at first that the "I" was applique and needed fabric too. Then I opened a drawer to get a new bobbin and my eye was caught by glitter sheets and I knew what to do:) 4 out of 4 of my last embroidery projects have involved glitter fabric and/or metallic thread--I think I'm addicted!

The skirt is a basic, two-layer skirt with tabs to pull up the front overskirt. I altered the construction slightly. Instead of gathering the over and underskirt and attaching them to a bodice, I sewed the tops together with the right side of the overskirt facing the wrong side of the underskirt. Then I flipped them right sides out and sewed a casing by stitching through both layers 3/4" from the top and leaving a space open to insert the elastic. The elastic was inserted into the casing between the two layers of the skirt and then the casing was sewn close. Easy peasy! The tabs have the buttons sewn right on them, so no buttonholes, perfect for a late-night project! Though I do love making buttonholes. :)


  1. Aw what a sweet outfit for the first day. They grow too fast, really. Mine are starting 7th and 3rd grade now but I remember kindergarten like it was yesterday. Beautiful job with the colors!

  2. Oh my goodness- this is too cute for words! Adorable!

  3. Wow, that is adorable! You are amazing :)


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