Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More Makes

Here is another wrap up post of things I made and never blogged about!

I made this super cute shirt for Samuel about a year and a half ago. It's unfinished in this picture, but the main details are there. It's the Mac's Monster Tee pattern from Cole's Corner and Creations. The shirt has a curved yoke which is great for colorblocking but also leaves the perfect space for applique. I chose to do an Olaf face. It's not available in the pattern, but there are a lot of great choices. I currently have two (short sleeved versions) of these tees cut out for Samuel and his best friend for the summer.

This sweet doll is the Doodley Doll Zoey pattern from Embroitique. I combined elements of several faces together to make the embroidery file for the face I wanted. I didn't read the directions very well and ended up sewing the hair right sides together and flipping it out, instead of sewing it with wrong sides together and raw edges, but I prefer my "mistake".  I wanted to use a woven for the headband instead of felt, so I cut two pieces and stitched them together to get edges that wouldn't fray. I do love using fleece for dolls (I used it for her hair, shoes and collar)--it doesn't fray and I have lots of scraps from other projects.

The jumper that matches is the Perfect A-Line Dress (which is reversible) from Tie Dye Diva. This was for a sweet friend whose mama picked out the fabrics. The doll is to match her little girl, who doesn't have a lot of options for dolls who look like her. I used remnants from the jumper to make the doll's outfit and was thrilled with how this turned out.

I mostly sew clothes, but the doll above was a nice change of pace. So was this cake I made for a co-worker whose name is Bob. We build data models and tools, so his nickname is "Bob the Builder". We bring in a cake for the birthday after us, so when I was responsible for his birthday, I knew I had to make a Bob the Builder cake! My mom took a cake decorating class way back when and passed down the basics to me. This is just a Wilton shaped pan, and I used the Wilton icing recipe along with some of the gel colors to make the black and bright orange-red. It was fun, but took hours. Next year I'm bringing in a traditional cake :)


Finally, here are my cuties in a more recent project--the Night Before PJ Pants from Cole's Corner and Creations. They sew up super fast (there are no side seams) and miraculously fit both my slim girl and my big bootie boy. There are options for cuffs or ruffles, and several different lengths. This is definitely going to be a staple in my kids warddrobes!

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  1. That cake looks like you put a lot of time into it; I'm sure Bob appreciated it! And that doll is just too cute! Love all your makes :D


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