Monday, May 13, 2013

Nelia Dress, Short Sleeve Version

If you happened over to my blog because you saw the ruffler tutorials on the Pattern Review blog--welcome! And thank you so much for taking a look around:) This is the latest dress I made for my daughter. It's the Nelia by Popolok Designs (who happens to be Alviana on Pattern Review!).

Alviana, as usual, has offered a ton of options with this great pattern. There are 3 lengths (top, knee-length dress and maxi), 3 collar options (Peter Pan, pussy bow and no collar) and 3 sleeve options (long, short and sleeveless). But Angie, you say, that's TWENTY SEVEN patterns in one, how can that be? I know, it's crazy! I made the short sleeve, knee-length dress with the pussy bow collar. (Obviously).

You know else is crazy? I just realized all my pictures tend to be vertical shots.  It makes sense, seeing as how I am used to taking the front, back and side shots of garments for Pattern Review. But it doesn't offer much variety for blog posts, does it? If I had more time, I'd love to stage some really cute, interesting photo shoots. Instead, I have to go to work, to make money for my family (and my fabric habit). But, I have not left you without options! Here is a non-vertical picture:

Okay, so I cropped this one differently just to make a point.

I've also been getting some better poses out of Danielle. Now that she's a little older, I don't have to just chase after her, snapping pictures as fast as I can and hoping that one of them turns out decent.

I wish I had thought to take pictures of some of the details of this dress. The finish on the front is really nicely done (not surprising, with a Popolok pattern), and the tie collar is really sweet and unique. I thought the fabric and the collar made for a slightly retro look which was fun. And lest you think it's a bit serious for a little girl, the skirt is pretty full and has some twirl factor.

We are still having some chilly mornings off and on, though, so this dress fills a gap in my daughter's wardrobe. But I definitely plan to make a sleeveless maxi for the summer and a long sleeve dress for the winter.

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