Friday, March 22, 2013

Daycare Photoshoot Woes

I was looking for pictures of an outfit I made recently when I stumbled across a dress I haven't shared yet. Partly because I forgot, partly because it was a pattern test (of course) and I was waiting for the designer to release it, and partly because the pictures were not great.

This one doesn't stink, but you can't see the dress

I don't want to be one of those bloggers who complains about the quality of my photos, because you get what you get with toddlers, BUT, have you ever tried to take pictures of an outfit at a daycare?  It's IMPOSSIBLE to get a good backdrop. There are so many colors and decorations and if you happen to find a wall that is temporarily uncovered (which I did), it will be the ugliest part of the hallway. And, to make matters worse, your kid will be wearing shoes that don't match and you'll have to crop her feet out of every single picture.

The dress is cute though :)

I had meant to take better pictures, because this dress is super cute and I wanted to show it off.  Plus, it took a decent bit of time to make. It's the Eva dress from 5Berries and it's a peasant dress with some sweet details. I chose to make the version with the 3/4 length sleeves and contrast colored ruffles.

That hair, on that girl, took forever!
My sweet girl has the attention span
of a gnat when it's time to do her hair.

There are 3 ruffles but the top one is made out of the bodice fabric, which gives it a nice proportion and makes it look like a top and skirt. You might be able to see the elastic at the waist in the next picture--that's the best part! It gives shape at the waist, obviously, but it is also what makes the ruffles flare out a bit and gives them their shape as well.

My cheeseball loved it!

I really love this dress and will definitely make it again. It does take some time to gather and hem the ruffles, but I am going to do my own thing with that part of the construction to make it go a little quicker next time. There's a short sleeve version as well, which would be great for spring, if it ever decides to stick around!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Knit Peplum Top

Thank goodness for pattern testing deadlines, or I don't know if I'd get any sewing projects finished. Work cuts into my personal time way too much (and makes me tired!) Thank goodness for quick, gratifying projects as well.

This Sassy Knit Peplum Top from Cole's Corner and Creations is ADORABLE! It's a knit top with a lined peplum and neck and armhole bands, so no hemming is needed, making it a fast sew (even if you are like me and don't have too much experience with knits). Plus, Cole offers a lot of great tips for sewing with knits and if you've ever read her blog, you can see she knows what she's doing!

My bands could have been stretched a bit more while I was sewing to snug them in a little more, since I picked a knit for the bands that doesn't have great recovery. But it's definitely still wearable and my daughter loves her "ballerina top".  The peplum is longer in the back than in the front which is a darling feature and makes it a bit more twirly.

I'll definitely be making this pattern again for the summer. It will be cool enough for the heat here in the south, while still providing some style and interest. And did I mention it's a quick sew? Plus, there are directions to make the top completely reversible, both with bands at the arms and neck and without. I think the reversible top with the bands is going to be my next version!
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