Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby Wipes and Sunshine

I've been making some quick projects for the kids lately:

Danielle got some wipes for her babydoll.  Hopefully this means she'll stop stealing real ones.

These go great with the diapers I made for her doll
(more on those later)

The wipes case is a free download from DigiStitches.  I used some Care Bear fabric leftover from pjs I made my her last year.  The wipes are just rectangles of white knit I cut so that they'd be just a little smaller than the case (old t-shirts are perfect for this).  Now if I can just get her to stop trying to throw these cloth wipes away after they get "dirty" during her babydoll diaper changes...

Samuel got a toy too--this cute little Sammy Sunshine design I picked up on sale before he was born.  I spent forever trying to pick out ribbons because I just couldn't visualize the combination (plus I wanted a variety of textures and sizes).  Of course, once I figured it out, i forgot to straighten them out for the photo...

Makes Sammy look a little gimpy, huh?

Samuel loves his new chew toy--he's at that puppy baby stage where he likes to gnaw on anything he can.

Nom nom nom

He had a great time with it and covered it with lots of drool. I'm going to pick up a plastic clip for it the next time I go to the store, so that I can clip it to his car seat or stroller.

This design was definitely a winner!

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