Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Preview

So I have two weeks to get the kids' Halloween costumes ready (less if they are to go to other events and playdates wearing them).  I need to get busy!

This year they are going to be pirates (though Samuel will just have an appliqued onesie and bib to go with some striped pants).  Danielle had a choice between Tinkerbell and pirate and I was very happy with her pick because I have all the fabric I need in my stash!  Plus, it will complete my quad-fecta (I know that's not a word) of this pattern:

Best dollar I ever spent!

I made the cowgirl outfit last year for Danielle's Halloween costume and then made two sets of scrubs and chef outfits for my nieces' Christmas gifts (for them to use to play dress-up).  The chef hat is particularly awesome, as it has velcro and is adjustable.  The shirts all fasten up the back with Velcro--no buttons to mess with.  I think the details of these patterns are great and it's worth the money, even if you don't catch it on sale for a dollar.


I hope this year's costumes go over as well as last year's.


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