Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alex and Anna Summer PJs

I have become hopelessly, shamelessly addicted to pattern testing.  It will be a bit more difficult now that I am back to working full-time outside the home (have you noticed my lack of posts lately?  Yeah, that's because I fall asleep right after the kids most nights now, so no sewing or blogging gets done). But I'm still going to try! 

Last night I signed up to test for the Peek-A-Boo Pattern shop.   This is actually my 3rd time getting the opportunity to test for Amy,  and I haven't even posted about the other 2 patterns yet, oops!

The Alex & Anna PJs are
knit summer pjs that can be
used for boys or girls

I made these summer pjs for Danielle using some old knit t-shirts my mom gave me.  I think this is one of my very favorite things I've made to date.  In part because of the fit and how comfy they look, in part because it is so much fun to sew knits on my new machine, in part because I love the fabrics.

I used the t-shirt's original hemline which saved
a little time when I sewed the pajama top

The pattern offers either a tank or sleeved shirt--I chose to make the sleeved shirt.  I'm going to make Samuel a pair next out of some more up-cycled shirts (thanks, Mom!)  The shorts, neckline and the sleeves all have a thin, contrasting band/cuff.

I cut the band for the sleeves and shorts
the "wrong" way so that the stripes would
be vertical--I love it!

They are supposed to be snug-fitting, but Danielle is rather slim so they fit more like a regular top and shorts.  That's okay, though, because I really love the shape of the tee and could see making some daytime tees using this pattern.

Hey look, the pjs look good with Fuzzy Bear too :)

I really do like how these turned out.  Right when I was thinking about how I wouldn't be able to make Samuel summer pjs because I didn't have any patterns suitable or quick enough, the opportunity to test popped up on Facebook.  Perfect timing!

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