Thursday, February 9, 2012

Goal #5

I forgot to mention my 5th goal for this year in my previous post:  Quilting!  I was a very avid non-quilting quilter while I was in the military.  I read books about it, gathered supplies and dreamed about it, but never really had time to actually do more than start my first quilt. (That's one of my UFOs to finish, which was goal #4).  Then I got out of the service, got married, started having babies, and quilting just kind of fell by the wayside.

I did manage to complete one quilting project in 4 years:

What a sad, sad little pillow this is

I made this little pillow as a joke. I worked with a bunch of guys and am pretty short so I came up with the girliest thing I could think of to sit on during watch.  I used pink & purple & yellow & a multicolor floral to make a border around an appliqued pink flower.  As you can see, I didn't know much about applique and I just stitched around the flower, which is now hanging loose on one petal and frayed around all the others.The backing is an obnoxious fabric--cotton candy pink with swirls of glitter and roses.  I love it! 

Ooh, and it has sparkles!

Somehow it ended up as my daughter's pillow when she moved into a big girl bed.  She produces a ton of heat at night and gets sweaty sometimes, so this pillow got washed a LOT.  It fell apart one day in the dryer (did you see the big hole in one of the purple patches?), and I found fiberfill all over.  I am currently in the process of quilting her a pillowcase that will fit the travel-sized pillow she currently uses. 

Besides that, and the two bathroom wall-hangings I have planned, I'd like to quilt a table runner for Thanksgiving.  I'd also like to do a series of mini-quilts to use as wall hangings.  And finally, I'd like to quilt a bedspread for our master bedroom, though I think that will have to wait until next year :)

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