Sunday, February 26, 2012

Owl Purses

I've been in the midst of half-finished projects for the past week, so I am pretty happy to finally have something to show for my efforts.  My somewhat newfound addiction to Pinterest hasn't helped matters.  Except that it led me to this cute tutorial on Mama G's Big Crafty Blog.

My version of her little owl purse

I know, I know, I said I was done with owls after I made my twin nieces these hats, but my sister (who is also on the Pinterest bandwagon now and even has a to-do board for me) has a whole board of owls pinned, and they are just so cute.  I'm not even into owls and I want to make them!   It sounded like a quick project so I decided to make the girls some to match their hats.

I added 2 extra rounds to the bodies--these are
still fairly small, but just the right size for a toddler

There was no occasion that called for gifts, which I think is the best time to give :)

I was almost out of pink & purple, so I
made the backs a solid black

I think they're really cute and am so grateful for the free pattern--isn't it amazing how many generous people there are online?  I should also mention that I tried a few of the photo tips from this post by Disney at ~Ruffles and Stuff~ .  I think I still like my wood floor background, and it's a lot easier to squeeze a photoshoot in when I can do it at night, inside my house, no matter what the weather & with the kids asleep.  But it was fun to try to something new.

This is with a 3T shirt, to give you an idea of scale
(remember, I added 2 extra rounds, which is about
2 inches of width with the yarn/hook I used)

I have to admit, taking photos is not my strength and it was what held me back from starting a blog for so long.  So I've been just focusing on taking clear photos without background junk & trying to make them look somewhat interesting composition-wise considering I have NO eye for that sort of thing.  Since I no longer have aspirations of becoming a world-famous blogger, I think I will mostly stick to what makes me comfortable and gives me more time with my family.  I hope you still enjoy spending time here :)


  1. So cute! Thanks for your comment on my amigurumi on my blog :) I would like to make some crochet dish cloths like you mentioned you did! Do you have a link to the pattern you made? :)

  2. Thank you! I send you an email with a link :)

  3. The purses look great! Glad you liked the pattern :)


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