Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sewing for my bathroom

I've been bad.  Less than a week after I posted that I wanted to only use my stash, I went and bought more fabric...  *shameface*  It was for a good cause--a surprise for my sweetie for Valentine's Day.  But, the whole point was that I was supposed to be more creative with using the materials I already have on hand.

I think I've been redeeming myself though!  I did two quick projects during naptime on Tuesday and ended up with some new bathroom decor.

My new soap cover and vase decoration thingy

I've been really motivated recently to try to get the rest of my home decorating done.  I got about 80% of the way there after we moved in, then stopped, somewhere around the time we decided I would stay home with the kids.  Now, with the possibility of returning to work looming (to ease the transition when my husband changes careers later this year), I find myself motivated again.  I don't know why.  Anyhow, I am not the best at decorating, but I do like things to look pretty, so I gave it a shot in my downstairs bath.

I hate messing with flower arrangements,
so I decided to decorate inside the vase

The vase is one I had leftover from fresh flowers.  I added a candle I had (it's used, obviously), threw a ribbon around it, then added a bunch of paper as filler.  I thought rocks would look nice, but we didn't have any pretty store-bought ones, and I was trying to use stuff on hand.  So I folded some cardstock accordion-style and snipped it to make little zig-zaggy bits.  I like the effect.

I goofed around with what to do with our chintzy soap dispenser.  I know there are probably nice enough looking ones at the Dollar Store, but I didn't want to spend money.  Since I definitely have plenty of fabric on hand, I decided to make a little slipcover. I added the ribbon because it needed a little something.

I need to change soaps--the yellow isn't working :)

It was pretty easy to make, but I'm not sure how I feel about the overall results.  (There's a reason I came up almost completely empty in my search for soap dispenser covers, I'm sure).  I'm going to do a few other things in the bathroom and then see how I feel when it's all done. My plans include two wall hangings (again, I don't have canvases for art, but I do have fabric) and some monogrammed hand towels.

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