Friday, June 22, 2012

Gigi Skirt

I made this skirt for Danielle almost two months ago and still haven't managed to embroider a coordinating shirt.  Oops.  I guess that will have to be a separate post if/when I get to it!

Straw-b-b-b-berry Shortcake

I had been wanting to try a pattern from LilyBird Studios (LBS) for forever (seriously, for over a year).  I had been eyeing the cuffed shorts I mentioned in this post, but when I went to get them, I decided to take a chance and pick up a pack of 3 patterns.  I was not disappointed with this skirt!

The pattern allows for a contrasting waistband, but
I used my main print because of the scale.

This skirt has cute details and the instructions were fantastic!  They include yardage charts and cutting layouts and finished garment measurements.  I thought the price was reasonable (especially during a sale) and the customer service is great.  I am very pleased!

This skirt is also good for checking out bugs

The kids have started daycare this week in preparation for my going back to work outside the home.  They are loved on a ton by their teachers and seem to be adjusted to the new schedule, so I am going to enjoy this day and try to spend it all sewing!

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