Saturday, February 9, 2013

Catching Up

Part of what motivates me to get a project done is being able to share pictures of what I've made.  But blogging takes so long sometimes.  So I've decided to do a compilation post of a few items I've completed that don't need their own post.

The front of the pants is shown on the left, the back on the right

These pants were my first excursion into pattern testing.  I made them with the PeekABoo Pattern Shop Pier 49 Convertible Pants pattern.  The details are cute, but the basic pants shape wasn't a great fit for either of my kids.  The rise was off and Samuel's diaper was hanging out completely, so the kids never really wore these.  Too bad I spent forever cutting out the striped fabric for the pockets, belt loops, and tabs on the legs...  Both the boy colors and girl colors are cut from the same rainbow striped fabric.

This dress was super cute on Danielle, but she grew out of it before I took modeled pictures, or made these cute kitty cat barrettes from GG Designs to match.  It's the same pattern--Emma's Dress from LilyBirdStudios--that I used to make these cupcake dresses for my nieces from.

This is actually a picture of some sewing my daughter did.  My husband thought I was crazy to let a 3 year old use a needle, but it was a tapestry needle (with a blunted end) and she did a great job stringing popcorn for our Christmas tree!

This is the Tuscany font from 8Claws

And finally, after 2+ years of owning an embroidery machine, I finally monogrammed some of our towels.  This is one of a pair of "R"s monogrammed on the towels that hang in our downstairs/guest bath.  I LOVE this font, and bought it specifically for this project.  Wouldn't you know, I had several hundred fonts from 8 Claws and a Paw already, but needed this one :)

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  1. You have been crazy awesome productive! Loving the cute as a button pockets- they are super rad!


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