Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lulu Dress

I have a backlog of projects to share, so I'll try to keep the chit-chat to a minimum and churn out some posts...

First, I have to share another awesome design by Popolok Designs.  It's her latest pattern and it's called the Lulu Dress.

I was a pattern tester for this dress, but I loved it so much--and believe in Alviana's talent so much--that I promptly went and bought her other dress patterns that I don't already have.

There are 3 variations offered for this design:  Lulu Block (color-blocked), Lulu Black (which has a lace panel down the middle) and Lulu Blue (a mix of print and solid fabrics with trim).  This version is a take on Lulu Blue, but I used home-made bias tape as trim on the pockets instead of using trim between the front panels.

Danielle LOVED the pockets.  Seriously, she wouldn't keep her hands out of them.  I adjusted the pattern to add a little length so it will last through the summer and accidentally made the dress about 5/8" too wide on both the front and back due to a printing error.  (Seriously, why does that keep happening to me?).  BUT, the fit is awesome, the drafting is gorgeous and there are just so many options. 

She wore her dress to church with a turtleneck underneath
and told everyone she saw that her Mama made it :)

Do yourself, and the lucky girls you sew for, a favor and buy this pattern.  And all of her other ones!  They are so professional and well-done--I cannot recommend them enough! (Oh, and do it quickly before she realizes she's practically giving them away and should be charging way more for her awesome patterns!)  Her Etsy shop has some great bundles and deals right now.

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