Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Frozen" dress -- Anna

I've been making quite a few princess dresses lately. They're a big hit with the 4-6 year old crowd I sew for, and they're just so darn cute. The patterns are from Made for Mermaids, where Megan has designs from her "Everyday Princess" line. They're great because they look like Disney princesses but they are simplified enough to be comfortable, everyday wear for your little girl.

My daughter's first--and only, so far--movie theater experience was "Frozen", so she was pretty excited when I had a chance to make her a Princess Anna dress.

She was super excited about this one :)

Although she's not the princess with "freezing powers" (as my daughter calls Elsa), she was still a big hit. The pattern includes the long sleeve peasant shirt that's worn under the zip-up, sleeveless dress. There's a pointed bodice and instructions for including the gold trim and the floral detail on the front. There's even a template included if you want to paint the bodice design.

Don't be afraid of zippers--the
instructions make it super easy!

Danielle decided to have a growth spurt and not tell me, so this is the size 4 when she's actually a size 5 length now. As much as I measure my kids, you think I would have caught this beforehand!

I decided to take a couple of designs from Embroidery Library and work some Embird magic to cut and paste different bits together to make my own Anna design. I didn't feel comfortable purchasing from the site that offers "Mr. Mouse" and other knock-off designs. It was a lot of fun to put the embroidery together and I think it turned out really nice.

The embroidery placement could have been a little lower though

I was really pleased with this dress and bought some more fabric to make my daughter a dress in the right length. This version went to a dear friend of ours, and her older sister got the Elsa dress which I will share with you next time. (Maybe tomorrow--we're supposed to have snow here in the South which is funny because I am posting about a movie called "Frozen"!)

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