Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Outfit

So I was on top of things this year and made Danielle's birthday outfit in March, over a month before her April birthday.  It was a white onesie (which prevented her from taking her diaper off), appliqued to match a little ruffled skirt I made her.

The applique is hard to see--it's a
"2" with a flame on top, from
Planet Applique

Well, it doesn't make sense for her to run around in a onesie with a birthday candle on it the other 364 days of the year so today, FIVE months later, I finally got around to making a tank top so she can wear the skirt again.

I got ONE good pic!

The top is made using the pattern developed from this indietutes tutorial.  I have made adjustments to the pattern and used it for making pajama tops, nightgowns, pillowcase dresses, peasant tops, and now a tank top.  The tank top instructions came from this tutorial.

I had added growing room to the pattern when I made her pajama tops, so my first attempt at this didn't fit well.  I took some width and length off for this second try and it turned out much better.  If I make it again (it be a great "canvas" for embroidery), I will also add a slight A-line shape to give her a little more ease at the hem.  I also will raise the neckline a little bit (I thought I needed to lower it and I was wrong), and maybe even curve the neck for a more appealing shape.

The front elastic is shorter than the back

The skirt is from this ruffled skirt tutorial.  I had to sew it twice, which sucked.  The first time I scaled the measurements down because the ones provided were for a 5 year old.  I used ratios to keep the proportions between the layers the same but overall it was too short and poofy.  Especially in a quilting cotton.  The second time I made it I was very happy with the sizing. 

♥sigh♥ i love the little label in the back

All in all, I think the outfit is okay.  It definitely looks handmade, but since I had to make both the tank and the skirt twice, I'm glad I used fabric from my stash and not some uber-trendy stuff I paid a lot of money for. 

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