Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pattern Review

Did you notice, oh 6 faithful followers (one of whom is actually me *shame face*), that I added a new widget?  Over to the left you will see stuff I've made.  (Unless I've played around with my blog layout again.)  This new widget is courtesy of Pattern Review, my favorite sewing website (nayy*).  You can look up any pattern and read reviews if people have already made it.  It's a great way to find out which sewing patterns you'll have success with and which ones are not worth the time, fabric or money.

The site can be rather confusing to navigate, but that's in part because there is LOADS of useful information.  I use the site for:
  • submitting reviews
  • reading reviews
  • looking up patterns I plan to buy or try
  • cataloging what patterns I own
  • finding tips/techniques for sewing, fitting, organizing, etc
  • researching sewing machines
  • finding reviews of online sites
  • resolving fit issues (via message board feedback)
See?  There's a LOT going on here

The two best parts have got to be seeing what other people sew (it's so inspiring!) and being able to take part in a forum where others have the same interest.  You can even chat about Project Runway!

My reviews for the tank and skirt in my
last post are the 1st and 3rd in this pic :)

I highly recommend you check out this site if you haven't already.  Odds are, if you google a sewing question they will come up pretty high on the list.  The people there are pretty friendly and they are super helpful with all kinds of sewing questions.

*nayy = Not Affiliated, yada yada, which means I don't profit off of Pattern Review.  It's just a community that I love and wanted to recommend.

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