Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Burps

Today's been busy with preparations for Hurricane Irene, so, in case I don't get any projects done in time to take pictures, I'm showing off some more of my burp cloths.  All 3 sets here were sewn to go together, since I think 2 (or more!) burps makes for a really nice gift.
Triceratops had some big heads!

I appliqued the last two designs in the fabrics that I offer for personalized sets.  This opens up a lot of opportunities for coordination, since any of the fabric pairs can be used for any of the designs.

I love this "Neutral Stars" set

I wasn't sure about using black on something for a baby, but I really like the way these sweet little animal designs turned out.

Made with "Bright Bugs" fabrics

All the designs for this post are from Planet Applique.  I really like her style and her designs always stitch out beautifully.  There really is a difference between the quality of work of different digitizers, so I want to have a lot more stitching time under my belt before I try my hand at my own designs.

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