Sunday, August 14, 2011

And So It Begins!

Hello and welcome!  I love reading sewing craft blogs and getting inspired, and I've finally decided to start one of my own. My name is Angie and I'm a stay-at-home mom to two children--my two year old daughter (who is the inspiration behind DaniKate) and a two month old son.

Me and the kiddos
I've been a crafter for more than 2 decades and have sewn off and on during that time as well (yeah, guess who wasn't the cool girl in middle school?).  After my daughter was born, I found I needed a way to stay sane while I mother all day, so I started sewing a bit obsessively during naptimes, wee morning hours, and after the kids are asleep at night.  (Sane and obsessive somehow go together in my world.)  My hobby grew to include a serger and an embroidery machine (which I miraculously convinced my husband we should buy).  And now I am saving my allowance for a coverstitch machine as part of my dream to make most of the clothes my kids and I wear...

One of my favorite outfits

I plan to share pictures of what I make and, at some point, some original ideas/tutorials, now that my baby is sort of sleeping at night and I am starting to awake from the fog of the past few months.  I like to sew from patterns, though I have been giving some online tutorials a try as well.  You are likely to see gratuitous pictures of my kids and my embroidered burp cloths, the latter of which will hopefully make enough money to convince my husband that we can afford more kids and more fabric :)  I'm sure, given my love of run-on sentences and rambling thoughts that this blog will also be chock-full of inappropriately used parentheses and dot, dot dots...

Gratuitous burp cloth pic

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