Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kitchen Towel Toppers

If you've seen kitchen towels with crocheted toppers at craft fairs, these are like those, only not so old-fashioned and dated looking (says the lady with the embroidered roosters).  The tutorial for these is simple and straightforward, as well as being clever (she used her iron to create the topper shape).  I have loved the shape of the topper since I first saw these last holiday season, and unfortunately it has taken me this long to get around to making them.

Black & red roosters because I live in SC

I made two pairs for an auction to raise money for a mom's group that I'm in.  I have no clue if they did well, but they were an affordable donation.  One hand towel makes two hanging towels, and I used fabrics from my stash and embroidery designs I already had to make these.
Both sets, "packaged" for the auction

The coffee design is actually the "Hot Cocoa" design from Planet Applique, but I removed the words and the marshmallows.

A hot cuppa

The rooster design is from the Barnyard Buddies set from Designs By Juju.  He's a little cutesie, but the only rooster I had.

The red on the rooster shows up better in person

I am thinking about making some of these as gifts next year.  And I want to make a pair for my own home too.  I love the idea of having hand towels that don't disappear.

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