Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Big 3-1

I was having trouble keeping track of everything I wanted to make for Christmas, so I made a list a few days ago. I counted and realized I have THIRTY ONE items on my list and there are only 8 days until Christmas!! Obviously, some of them will have to give, but I have been known to work well under pressure so I'm going to try to do them all anyways. They are a mix of embroidery, hand sewing, crochet, applique and sewing--but mostly embroidery. Several of them are in-the-hoop designs, so those might actually get done quickly.

**Updated to add:  Lest you think that 31 items is do-able:  one of the items on my list is to make Christmas pj pants for the family.  That's 4 pairs.  And I've got half a dozen items that I need to make double of, because they're for my twin nieces.  Why am I still on the computer?!?!?

My goal for today is to get 7 items finished. It wouldn't be so hard, except my husband has been waiting a year for this video game to come out. He has early access to it (because he signed up forever ago) and his computer is back from the repair shop. So, yeah, conflicting priorities in our household, since someone has to watch the kids :)

I probably could get more done if I wasn't trying to blog about everything I had to get done, whoops.  But I wanted to post some quick pictures of the other 2 sets of pjs I finished up for Danielle last week.

Ballerina flannel from Hancock Fabrics

I figure these pictures are as exciting as hearing about my to-do list, so this post is cohesive after all :)

Cat face flannel from the fabric angel
who donated the flannel for the last pjs

Anyone else working on their own Christmas miracles?

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