Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Penguin Outfit

Well, I didn't finish all my projects, but I got the majority of them done and I was pleased with the gifts I was able to give my family. I'll be sharing those projects for the next few posts...

I tried to buy some clothes for my son before he was born, to try to space out the expense, but I didn't buy many for winter because I wasn't sure how he would grow. Turns out he's a big boy and in 9 month clothes already. So I appliquéd him some onesies and made some fleece pants to coordinate.

I used fleece for the penguin so he'd be soft & fuzzy
I love this little penguin from Planet Appliqué. In fact, I have loved this design since before I even had an embroidery machine. So I was pretty excited to be able to use it on an outfit for Samuel.

This little penguin is a bit of a butterball, like my son :)

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