Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Picks and Pans

Like all my posts, I'm behind in my 2012 Review :)  Here are some of my favorites and not so favorites for the year:


Popolok Designs - PICK!

Alviana was a familiar face on Pattern Review, so I was super thrilled to test one of her patterns (my version of the Avita dress is the picture on the right), and even more thrilled with the finished results.  She definitely knows what she's doing when it comes to sewing and drafting, which is why she gets my highest recommendation for the year. I plan to make that super cute color-blocked Momo Dress in 2013.  You can find her on Facebook, You Can Make This, Etsy and PatternReview! 

Cole's Corner and Creations - PICK!

Too cute ruched shorts from  Cole's Corner

Cole's blog was the first blog that I stumbled across that combined sewing and machine embroidery.  I'm so glad I found it, because she makes so many cute things, and I get so much inspiration from her.  On top of that, she started offering some really cute patterns that are fairly unique in the world of PDF sewing for children.  I made my first swimsuit (and her instructions made it soooo easy) and some cute ruched shorts and a tank top...  I can't wait to see what she may offer in 2013!

I don't want to bash anyone, especially moms who are trying to support their families by offering patterns.  So I won't name names here but if you want my opinion on a specific shop, feel free to email me to ask about it.  I'll be honest about my experience (if any) that I've had with a particular pattern or line.


The Fat Quarter Shop - PICK!

I ordered from this shop for the first time just a few weeks ago, and their customer service was fantastic!  There was a slight mixup in my order, and they went FAR above and beyond to fix it.  They reimbursed me for the return shipping AND my time AND some store credit.  This was after they sent the correction out immediately.  They also contacted me by phone and email to let me know that they had received the return.  Super nice people, super great selection, super awesome customer service.  I highly recommend them!

The Little Fabric Shop - PICK!
The shipping is very reasonable, and my orders get sent out quickly, often the same day I place them.  And have you seen Angie's blog? (or noticed her awesome name?).  She's got tutorials for some seriously cute projects, including this chevron quilt:

Photo from The Little Fabric Shop blog
Tutorial can be found by clicking on the image

Don't let the name fool you--this quilt pattern would look amazing in non-Halloween fabrics as well.


 Frog Pajamas for my Nieces - PICK!

I embroidered some long-sleeve tees to coordinate with pajama pants I made my twin nieces.  I think they turned out really cute.  And how can you not love those bunny ears my sister used in the photo?

Sewing for two is twice the work, but twice as cute!

Shopping Cart Cover - PAN

I've made one of these for both my children, and never used either one much.  I guess I'm just not very germ-a-phobic.  They're a great idea, and this pattern is great, but I just don't use this cart cover.

Silhouette Birds on Branch Wall-hanging - PICK!

I love this project!  It was quick and fun and turned out just like I hoped it would (though my binding skills need some work).  It's hanging in our guest bath and I finally found the last piece of decor to round it out.  I will have to take some pictures to share.  Oh, and this was a project I made a tutorial for.  You can find all my tutorials here.

Soap Cover - PAN

What was I thinking?  This isn't practical at all, at least not with two kids who drip soap everywhere.  I did get a better dispenser, one with a brown pump top, but I don't even remember where I put the cover.  Maybe I'll dig it up, but this was not a successful project for me.

MY 2012 GOALS 

Sew from my stash - PAN
Hmm, considering I just purchased 60 yards of fabric in the past month, I'd have to say I failed pretty good at this goal.  I forgot this was a goal, to be honest.  I might need to do a mid-year check-in if I decide to make more goals this year.
Sew more for myself - PAN
Yeah, this one didn't work out so well. I made a shirt for myself that I didn't love, and just finished crocheting a shrug for myself (that I will wear).  Maybe 2013 will be better for me, but I want to lose 40 pounds, so it may just wait another year...
Sew from independent pattern designers - PICK!

This one was my most successful goal!  I tried patterns from quite a few new-to-me designers:
Violette Field Threads, Shwin and Shwin, PeekABoo Pattern Shop, LilyBird Studios, Cole's Corner and Creations, Un Petit, Popolok Designs, 5Berries, whew!  I still have a few more shops to try, and of course I'll be sewing more patterns from my favorite shops.

Finish my UFOs - PAN

Quilt - PICK!
I sewed a patchwork pillowcase for Danielle, and am on track for my unpublished goal to make a quilt in 2013.  I purchased fabrics in purples and black to make a quilt for my master bedroom, which is painted a dusky lavender.  Here are the fabrics:

I had no clue that "designer" fabrics had a shelf-life.  I anticipated making a quilt this year all the way back when I was making goals for last year, and had pinned some fabrics I loved.  Well, 49 weeks later there was a limited availability.  But, I managed to round up the ones I wanted, and added a few others.  You'll hear a lot more about this project in 2013, I'm sure.

I think that about sums it up.  I can't wait to see what 2013 brings, both in my own sewing, and on all the wonderful blogs I read!


  1. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for including me!

    I've been dying to try that first pattern designer, too. I'm off to buy that pattern!

  2. Hi Angela. Thanks for featuring us in your recommendations. We really appreciate all the support. Thanks a lot! :)


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