Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Broncos Gifts

Besides the burps for baby Brayden (or his mama, I should say), I made big sister a pillowcase dress with ribbon ties and some football barrettes.

The whole set

I appliqued a onesie with a football "B" (using the Football Alphabet from Planet Applique) to go with some pants for the little man.  I have some of the fabric left, so I may need to make a smaller size since he was a preemie and is still pretty small.

The football material is a nice, soft faux suede

Here's a close-up of the barrettes.  The one on the left needs to be rotated 180 degrees.  Can't get everything perfect, eh?  (That's the lesson having a second child has taught me.  I'm scared to think what I might learn from a third... :)

Football felt stitchies from GG Designs

My toddler is staying with her grandma tonight and the baby naps a lot in the morning, so here's hoping I get lots of sewing done tomorrow!

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