Friday, September 23, 2011

Quick Clippies

Ugh, too much getting up with the baby at night and not enough sewing makes me cranky!  I am chipping away at my projects, little by little, and do have something to share:


Try not to be overwhelmed :)  These are some flower felt stitchies from GG Designs Embroidery.  There are 3 different centers you can use (this is the plain), and, as you can see, you can applique some fabric in the middle.  I made these to go with the purple peasant dress you've seen a lot of.

See?  They match!

So, I've got more automotive sewing to do and some programming (as my alter-ego).  Then I should be cleared up to embroider lots of shirts for my 3 best girls (my daughter and my two nieces) and that's when it will get exciting!  I've also got some winter sewing I want to do, including the top from an Oliver+S pattern I purchased during a recent sale.

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