Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oliver + S Hopscotch Skirt

I am super lucky to have some amazing photographs to share with you today.  They are from my friend Nicky who writes the craft-tastic blog Bluebird & the boy.  I love to sew and she is a professional photographer so we did a talent swap: she bought some material for me to sew a skirt and a dress for her daughter and I got a photo session out of the deal.  On top of that, she took photos of the skirt I made and shared them with me so I could, in turn, share them with you. 

The skirt pattern is from Oliver + S .  I love the fabric Nicky chose--it gives the skirt a retro vibe and looks adorable on her daughter. 

Oliver + S patterns are pricey, but they have great details.  This one has pockets that look like little takeout containers and a sweet row of buttons up the front.

Thank you for the pictures Nicky! 


  1. Thank *you* for the skirt! We love it!!

  2. Love the fabric. I always shy away from bright fabric, I don't know why - it looks great.


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