Monday, September 26, 2011

More Car Sewing

So, I finished up the vinyl boots for my husband's co-worker last night.  (Haha, I just re-read that sentence and it makes it sound like I made him some footwear).  Turns out the part from the previous car sewing post was an armrest cover.  Don't know why that name escaped me.

"Before" of the bigger boot
I'm so glad this project is done--it was holding up my fun sewing!  Actually, this project was enjoyable for the most part.  The vinyl was surprisingly nice to work with, but there was a round casing at the narrow end that was just tricky to get to.

"After" of the bigger boot
Oh, and I had to sew the casing with the leather cord in it, because I had no way to thread it through after it was sewn.  I ended up using my secret sewing tool (scotch tape) to "baste" the vinyl and took my time, and it worked out okay.  Not quite perfect, but pretty good.

Side-by-side comparison of the bigger boot

I took a lot of pictures because this was not ordinary sewing for me, but have refrained from posting all (or even most) of them.  If you're not interested in seeing lots of vinyl, you can skip out :)

Cool looking "hem"--I love how nicely the stitching
worked out around the corners

View of what the inside looks like

"Before" and "After" of the smaller boot

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