Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peasant Blouse Outfit

Here is the outfit Danielle wore today, which I made earlier this summer.  I realized I never took pictures of it and after trying today, I remembered why I'm not interested in photography.  I have to take dozens of photos and I still don't love the results, grrr.

The chair doesn't match, but I
use it to try to keep her still

The skirt was made as part of another outfit, but it coordinates nicely with this shirt.

Ignore the dirt on the porch...

The shirt is a slightly modified version of the indietutes Peasant Blouse Tutorial.  Instead of creating a casing for elastic at the end of the sleeve, I used bias tape to create a casing an inch or so up from the bottom.  This gives the sleeve a sweet little ruffled edge.  I also sewed and stacked some yo-yo's with a button on top, to add a little something to the shirt.

Size labels from Etsy

The skirt is from an Oliver + S pattern which I'll gush about more at a later date.  I will say I think it's cute and girlie and I love the details at the waistband and that it's lined.

The waistband has two rows of elastic with a drawstring
running down the middle.  I love it!

And here's the whole outfit, which might be easier to see when it's not on an overly-active toddler.

Maybe Santa will bring me a little toddler dressform

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